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At the age of 7, Thiemo Storz drove his first few laps in a hired kart one summer holiday. After completing a couple of cautious laps, he enjoyed himself immensely. From then on, kart racing became his new hobby. Over the next few years, Thiemo gained vast experience on the Friedrichshafen kart track in Germany, training under his Italian coach Alfio La Mela

At the age of 9, he travelled throughout Germany and Italy to familiarize himself with other kart tracks. Aged 10, he participated in the ADAC Southern Kart Championships in the Bambini A class. Together with his coach and mechanic Alfio La Mela, he succeeded in qualifying for the Finals in the German National ADAC Kart Championships.

Between the ages of 13 and 16, Thiemo Storz took part in national and international races in the ICA Junior Class, starting officially as a driver for the Italian Kart Team DR Racing (Danilo Rossi). The team represented the Italian kart brand CRG. Thiemo raced in the international “Italian Open Masters”, the WSK Series and the European Championship Qualifiers in France. The challenging level of difficulty presented by these international races allowed him to quickly gather experience in qualifying and racing. In 2006, these newly-acquired skills helped him clinch the Swiss ICA Junior Championship together with the CRG Team Kart Shop.

At 17, he started a series of test drives in the new KF2. Right at the beginning of the season, he tested the new KF2 “Windfire” engine under the PCR brand. He also participated in the international WSK Series and the Swiss National Kart Championships in which he finished 3rd in his very first season in KF2. In 2008, he drove for the Italian kart brand CRG as an official works driver.

Thiemo Storz signed a management contract with Danilo Rossi und Serena Anonucci at the end of 2008. In the same year, he completed his first tests in Formula Renault 2.0 in Misano. After several successful days of testing, he set out in the following 2009 season in the Formula Renault 2.0 Suisse and Italian Formel 2000 Light series. He crowned his first season with some excellent results for his Italian racing team CO2 Motorsport.

Thiemo Storz Win Victory

Thiemo Storz secured 3rd place in the overall rankings in the Formula Renault 2.0 Suisse and managed to win the Italian Formula 2000 Light Renault Championships. In 2009, he started from the grid in altogether 28 races, taking his place on the podium 15 times with a total of 9 victories, 11 pole positions and 9 fastest laps.

For the 2010 season, Thiemo had to retreat from his impressive career in motorsport because of academic reasons. Therefor he couldn’t compete in any championship for 2010. Thiemo  was busy to study for his final secondary-school examinations (German secondary school qualifying for university admission). However his excellent management organized an adapted time schedule for him. In February he already tested the Formula 3 car in Mugello and went on to Bedford at the Palmer Sport Factory to test the 360HP Formula Palmer Audi. Thiemo carried on his career in England. In Bedford he tested several times the Formula Palmer Audi and even some laps in a BMW M3 GTP touring car. Moreover he got an great impression by the FIA Formula 2 cars.

Thiemo spontaneously took part in a Formula Renault race on the Hockenheimring for his former Racing Team and he managed to win both races on this weekend. In August he took part in a Formula Palmer Audi race on the Rockingham Speedway. Straightaway he finished the race in the 2nd position. Up to this point his plans for the 2011 season were quite sure, FIA Formula 2. Therefore Thiemo took part on both Winter Test in Portimao and Barcelona to get as much experience in the 480HP Formula 2 car as possible.

Thiemo Storz